Why are we doing this?

  • We are a victims of war and do not want other children to be mismanagement like how they did us in past
  • To create a safe and an enabling environment for our future generation
  • We want to be an example for former child soldiers to have the confidence to make a comeback in our society
  • We feel we are the right people to do this because we part of this community.

What IDEFOCS want to now

  • IDEFOCS needs more funding for trauma counseling at the Botanical Reintegration Village – where Former Child Soldiers can find a safe haven, support and work – and through this we make a bigger impact which benefits both them and the whole society. The BRV is going to collaborate with Government, NGOs and other international institutions to provide counselors and trainers for the BRV institution.
  • We need seed funding to start a sustainable business (company) to employ former child soldiers

What danger will the society have if IDEFOCS does not make more impact

  • he increment of crime and violence.
  • The increment of the re-recruitment of former child soldiers in ghetto communities.
  • Promote the migration of war in West Africa

Our Strength:

  • Former child soldiers with invaluable experience as former child soldiers managing the program
  • Huge membership of former child soldiers
  • Wide range of developmental training programs to give varying skills training to former child soldiers.
  • Establish organization structure and offices
  • Large volunteers network (both local and international)
  • Good working relationship with Government

Our Weakness:

  • Lack of funding for internal capacity building
  • Inadequate funding to enable us to scale-up our program country wide
  • Lack of capital office and logistics/equipment for every staff to use

Our Opportunities

  • Huge membership of former child soldiers waiting to be train
  • Competent and committed management that is ready to scale-up and run the program efficiently once funding is sourced
  • Government has approved our proposed new programs for former child soldiers (legal registration)
  • Opportunity to have an adequate member of trainers and counselors for former child soldier through our large volunteers network

Our Threats

  • Inadequate funding will result into lot of former child soldiers not being rehabilitate and reintegrated and therefore rick their going back to war, creating more harm to the communities
  • Possible reoccurrence/break out of war.
  • Possible re-recruitment of former child soldier in ghetto communities for new conflict around West Africa.
  • Increment of the migration of war in West Africa.

morris_profile  Morris Matadi