In the process we carry on a survey to identify beneficiaries, access their current circumstances and provide them post traumatic stress disorder counseling. We are currently working with three Ghettos in the Paynesville community; the King Gray, Tortor and 72nd Ghetto. We are targeting 20 participants in Each Ghetto. Attach is the project proposal. IDEFOCS is currently under taken the initial cost of the research while the proposal is on sale. The Ghetto Outreach Forum is expected to be officially lunched July 22-26, 2013.

Below is IDEFOCS current weekly activity of the Ghetto Outreach Forum.


Currently, there is four active staff that is providing 100% volunteer services towards the growth and development of IDEFOCS. This staffs are not on salary, which is one of our greatest challenges. Other volunteers are usually available when we received donation on a particular impact project, for example; the Ghetto Outreach Forum. We will work with 4 volunteers including the 4 staff of IDEFOCS, if we receive donation on the implementation of the project. These volunteers and staff will be pay for their services as enclose in the budget of the project proposal.